Children thirst for adventure. They love the outside where their imaginations can run wild. What it boils down to is that children love exposure to new experiences. It opens their mind and broadens their horizons. But most children in the UK are stuck in an urban setting. The population of Britain continues to grow and the city keeps on expanding. There is a place that is just a drive away from London that offers abundant space, as well as mind-expanding experiences for children.

Wiltshire County holds all sorts of events that a whole family can enjoy. The Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival draws some of the best artists from around the world. It is an eclectic array of art experience where you and your children can take in classical music, international theatre, dance, film and visual arts. If that doesn’t strike your child’s fancy, then there are always the children’s events. You can count on face painting and games that will keep them entertained in a rural setting.

There is always the Swindon Festival of Literature and Chippenham Folk Festival taking place in the spring time. This is when the trees come back to life and Wiltshire County’s garden bloom magnificently. Children may not be keen on a literature experience or folk music, but you can use the festivals as an excuse to escape the city. Join the many that enjoy the festival and then take your children to something a little more spectacular, like a race at Salisbury Racecourse or the Castle Combe Circuit.

But all children love trains, and Wiltshire County holds an annual Swindon Railway Festival. Antique trains pull into to town and festival goers can board these powerful pieces of artwork. The children will love when the trains toot their horns coming into town.

Festivals draw a lot of people who demand a hotel near Swindon, the vibrant town in the middle of Wiltshire County that hosts many of these festivals. It is a good idea to get a hotel early, before they run out.

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