Celebrate A Lifetime At A Swindon Hotel

Published on February 28, 2014 by in Swindon Hotel


A festive attitude can make a difference every day, but special occasions are even more memorable with celebration. Many new couples find that having a travel destination for weddings not only brings the family together, but offers a shared experienced and an exciting getaway for all the guests. In planning such events, it can be important to pick a place and a venue that is not only beautiful and romantic, but is also accessible and offers a variety of attractions.

Swindon provides not only a pristine vista of natural backdrop, but also has architectural interest, seasonal events, and a range of sightseeing opportunities. Holding a destination wedding at a Swindon hotel can provide the charm of cobblestone streets and Tudor style architecture or the romance of a Victorian walled garden. The town itself is a part of the venue and gives an abundance of ways to celebrate a life event.

For many new couples, visiting the wedding fayre in Royal Wootton Bassett near Swindon, can give the inspiration of when to plan and how to theme the special day. This open house is held at the RWB Memorial Hall once a year in the summer and provides an overview of activities in the town and resources for making a wedding event come together.

Some couples like to have their wedding on or around special holidays. The historic Royal Wootton Bassett also presents a Valentine’s Day dinner that can be enjoyed by newlyweds and their guests as an event to continue the celebration. These dinners give everyone a chance to tour the inside of the structure and enjoy the grounds, as they are treated to good food and good times.

Spring weddings can take advantage of the May Day Festival as an entertaining attraction in the time before or after the actual ceremony. The festival is held at Sevenhampton and runs for the entire weekend. Guests will be able to watch and participate in traditions and dances for the holiday, as well as regular carnival fare and arts and crafts.

Destination weddings are a generous way to bring family members together and give them a chance for new experiences. A wedding at a Swindon hotel provides the perfect space, landscape, and accommodations for everyone. With events throughout the year and regular sightseeing, Swindon could be the perfect place to celebrate all times of life.

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