The charm of Swindon is strongly tied to the beautiful natural lands that surround the town. Many of the hotels in Swindon keep with the agricultural motif, providing open air dining spaces and walking trails that link to the property. This may also be witnessed in adjoining parks and preserves that give visitors the joy of witnessing and interacting with nature. For tourists of any age, Swindon offers a chance to get away and to play.

Younger travellers often enjoy the Rove’s Farm Visitor Centre. This working agricultural property showcases the farming life from machinery to animals. Attractions include displays of threshers and tractors, and how designs have changed over the ages. The farm also has extensive livestock, from goats to pigs to rabbits, and gives people the chance to pet and feed the animals. Parents and children may engage in arts and crafts, or watch demonstrations on arts like processing wool and spinning. Between tractor rides and trails through the property, Rove’s Farm provided numerous activities for the whole family.

Nature lovers staying at hotels in Swindon will also enjoy Studley Grange off Hay Lane. This park’s main attraction is the butterfly world, where visitors can walk through a lush terrarium and experience these fascinating insects first hand. This walking tour takes a person through tropical plants and rare species as well as local butterflies in their natural habitat. Included at Studley Grange is also an animal park, with farm animals, reptiles, and more exotic critters. The indoor and outdoor nature set up allows this attraction to be visited rain or shine.

For tourists who prefer to set their own agenda, Lydiard Park provides a great way to spend the day. This attraction is made up of the old mansion house and the surrounding gardens. The experience combines Swindon history with the chance to walk through woodlands, lush flowers, and trails. The grounds are accessible from spring through fall, and tours of the estate buildings are available all year.

Hotels in Swindon mirror this rich embracing of nature that is a part of the town, and also provide tourists with easy access to the sights and attractions. The ability to appreciate this countryside is an option no matter where one stays.

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