In The Market For A Hotel In Swindon

Published on February 10, 2014 by in Hotel in Swindon


Located in the rolling farmlands of Wiltshire County, the town of Swindon has been an agricultural hub and market meeting place since the 1800s. While this tradition still carries on today, Swindon has also embraced a modern spin on buying and selling. Visitors to the Old Town and to the newer parts of Swindon can partake in a variety of commerce and window shopping that can suit any temperament.

If visitors are looking for a country feel, or just to stock up the larder for the duration of the stay, a farmer’s market is sure to be found almost any day of the week. The traditional Wednesday and weekends market schedule still holds true, and travellers can get fruits, vegetables, milk, and cheeses on these days at the Blunsdon Abbey Stadium. This traditionally timed market is held rain or shine, and offers tourists a sense of agricultural history and commerce.

For travellers who prefer to be more spur of the moment with their shopping, there is also a tented affair that is held on weekdays on Market Street. These stalls offer local farm goods and artisan food creations and crafts. Just to the North of town centre, the tented market is easy to walk or cycle to, from nearly any hotel in Swindon. This is also a stop for several of the local bus lines, which can allow for easy transport of goods when returning to accommodations.

Although farming has a rich history in Swindon, modern commerce is also a big draw for many visitors. The designer outlet on Kemble Drive has loads of shops and boutiques for the latest in clothing, fashionable accessories, and designer house goods, as well as crafts and more eclectic finds. As a modern version of the town market, these shops can offer a pleasant juxtaposition to the old world charm of the village. Housed in a restored historical railway building, the outlet honours both tradition and progress.

Tourists can set out for modern or traditional shopping excursions, no matter which hotel in Swindon is the starting place. As the layout of the town is designed for ease of inspiring commerce, foot paths, bike trails, and bus lines are spread across the city. Shoppers can feel as they are truly in heaven as they peruse the goods that are offered, and sample from all the town has to offer.

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