Swindon firms to blaze Asian trail

Published on March 20, 2014 by in Swindon Hotel


With the town having word leading expertise in the field of microelectronics, many firms in Swindon are understood to be taking part in a trade mission to China soon.

The so called Smart Cities Trade Mission to China, it will see executives from all over the south west converge on the Asian superpower to sell Britain.

Already, the west of the country is well-known for its place in the high end tech society. One of the largest concentrations of microchip exploration outside of California’s Silicon Valley, there is rarely a hotel near Swindon that hasn’t got a visiting technical expert.

Many of the firms here are at the very cutting edge of the business sector, with the likes of Intel and Fairchild having a big presence in Swindon.

It is tapping into this collective expertise that the trade mission later this year is all about. Taking place in November, a select group of the leading lights in Swindon industry will head to Chinese firms to explain how the town’s businesspeople can help them move forward.

It is hoped many Chinese executives will then require a Swindon hotel themselves, as they make the return trip.

This latest mission comes on the back of two previous successes in 2012 and last year.

For 2014 however, the target is the microelectronic industry, which is seen as a huge growth sector and has also been targeted by the coalition. As a result, just Guangzhou and Shenzhen on the mainland, and Hong Kong island, will be visited.

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