There are only a few different World Heritage sites around the world, and one of the most impressive sits right in the county of Wiltshire. Stonehenge has been perplexing scientists, historians, theologians and common folk alike for centuries. The massive stone circle’s origins have always been shrouded secrecy. But you don’t have to have any guesses as to how it got there to enjoy yourself at the Britain’s most famous World Heritage site.

The sheer magnitude of the stones has amazed visitors, but it is not just the size of the stones that challenges the mind. These massive rocks come from the ground hundreds of miles away. That means these monoliths were transported over the countryside by ancient people. And when these ancient people dragged these stones, the countryside doesn’t look like it does now. Britain has been deforested to some degree, leaving open fields for the cultivation of food and the construction houses. Giant trees and other rocks stood in the way of the people that built Stonehenge.

Then there is the magnitude of the construction. Each of these stones was chosen for having a particular shape so that they could be hoisted into place. Tons of weight was moved and the stones were put into the earth in a circular formation. No one is quite sure what technology was used to do so, and there are even less who understand the motivations of the builders.

Perhaps Stonehenge doesn’t need to be a mystery. You could scratch your head raw trying to guess where it came from, who did it and how it was done. Instead, you could just visit the site to admire the magnitude and enjoy some solace. You might even make your visit to Stonehenge a reflective one, with a Swindon hotel.

The town of Swindon sits near Stonehenge, just far enough away to give the sacred ground some space. Many people experience Stonehenge and then retreat to town for a pint and a discussion about their experience.

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