A hotel near Swindon

Swindon, in Wiltshire, has a lot to offer businesses and individuals, with its unique mix of old and new and its setting close to idyllic countryside. Its origins as a market town are still in evidence today, as the historic buildings, with their alleyways and courtyards, now form the area called Old Town, with its shops, pubs and restaurants.

The Industrial Revolution brought great changes to the town, as canals were constructed and a railway works for the Great Western Railway was established. Development between Swindon Hill and the railway works sprang up, becoming Swindon’s New Town. Swindon’s increased prosperity saw its population grow and, today, the town houses more than 185,000 people.

Holding events in Swindon

Businesses looking for a conference venue might find that a hotel near Swindon meets their requirements perfectly. Swindon is effectively a transport hub; easily accessible from the M4 motorway and on a main railway line from London. Its excellent transport links can also make Swindon the ideal place to host a wedding or other important occasion. With the Cotswolds not far away, a variety of bustling retail outlets in the town and a vibrant arts scene evident throughout, there is plenty to entertain those who wish to extend their stay.

When choosing a hotel near Swindon for a leisure or business trip, it makes sense to select one with first-class facilities. Sporting amenities, such as a golf course and a swimming pool, will ensure active visitors are happy, while family accommodation and play areas make sure children enjoy their visit just as much.

Choosing a hotel near Swindon

If you have been thinking about taking a relaxing holiday, arranging a family event, planning a wedding, or even organising a conference, then you are sure to want the perfect venue, with all of the facilities you need in a beautiful setting. A hotel near Swindon might fit the bill; especially one in a charming Wiltshire village such as Broad Blunsdon.

Businesses will appreciate the conference facilities, while everyone will welcome the comfortable and luxurious rooms with delightful views. Here at Blunsdon House Hotel, we can accommodate all of your needs, so why not call us to make your reservation?