Public Health England (PHE) or equivalent posters will be on display informing customers and staff of social distancing and cleanliness/hygiene protocols throughout the facility.
We commit to the wellbeing of our staff and customers, and if they show/have any signs of COVID-19 (temperature, cough and difficulty breathing), they will be sent home to follow Government regulations.
We will comply with any health designation documentation that the Government implements.
Hand wipes/sanitisers will be on offer (or people will be directed to where they can clean their hands).
We will ensure that social distancing is adhered to, further criteria is below for certain areas.
Face masks will not be mandatory for staff, unless their role requires this.
It is down to the individual customer to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity.
Continue rigorous cleaning procedures.
If there is a COVID-19 case in the facility, the operator will follow the PHE Guidance – COVID-19 Cleaning in non-healthcare settings while cleaning all areas of the facility.
Staff will carry out regular cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the premises.
Reception Areas
Hand wipes/sanitisers will be on offer (or directed to where people can clean their hands).
Gloves are not mandatory as the World Health Organisation (WHO) advice is that it is preferable not to wear gloves but to regularly wash your hands.
Processes to make sure social distancing remains in place for reception staff/or screens are in place.
Queue management - 2m spacing markings on the floor and if necessary outside the entrance.
Changing Rooms/Showers/Toilets
Extra care/signposting will be provided to maintain social distancing when in these areas.
Lockers will remain in use, as long as social distancing can be maintained.
Spray and cloths will be available for customer use for touch points.
Gym Floors
Only equipment that is 2m apart will be used – as an example this can either be done via moving equipment or marking every other piece of equipment in the gym out of order (to facilitate social distancing).
Touch points of equipment should be cleaned after use – this can be done either by the customer or staff using spray and cloths provided. is is in addition to the cleaning schedule.
Extra signage regarding social distancing will be in place around the free-weights area.
Maximum gym capacity will be based on 3m2 per person.
Social distancing guidelines must be followed (2m apart).
There will be a minimum of a 10-minute window in between classes, so no ‘waiting around’ in groups.
Equipment (including mats etc) will be cleaned in between use. is can either be done by the customer or staff member using spray and cloths provided.
If possible, markings will be made on the floor to show the area for individuals.
Swimming Pools and Wet Side Facilities
Swimming pools will open as long as properly chlorinated (as there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools, hot tubs or spas).
Maximum bather loads are based on one bather per 3m .
Social distancing must be maintained in the pool.
Extra care/signposting will be shown to maintain social distancing when getting in/out of the pool.
Saunas/steam rooms/hot tubs/spa pools will only open if social distancing can be adhered to.
Teachers/instructors/coaches and students on the poolside must follow social distancing guidelines between each other.
Only one parent/carer per child will be allowed to supervise their child during swimming activities (external to the pool).
The parent/carer/spectator must follow social distancing guidelines.
Any equipment used will be cleaned after/between use.
Considerations should be made to ensure limited time is taken in changing areas, especially during the changeover of group activity to maintain social distancing.
Hand sanitiser and/or soap will be available poolside for staff.



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